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Angelina Corona is an interdisciplinary designer, maker and a self proclaimed polymath based in Vancouver who loves working with people and creating innovative objects and environments for them. Regarded as the rebel of the industry, Angelina is both a gambler and a magician when it comes to smashing the status quo and pioneering alternatives in domestic decoration. 

When it comes to creative projects there’s not much Angelina can’t do, she can literally make almost anything. A dreamer and a doer, describing her as multi-talented would be an understatement. Her practice focuses on being a visual storyteller and a curator of authentic experiences. Curiously obsessed at an early age with how things are made she has developed the chameleon-like ability to make something out of nothing, creating a visual composition like solving a puzzle, combining all of the different pieces to produce a beautifully tinkered result. Working methodically in accomplishing what seems impossible with her adept resourcefulness and a do-whatever-it-takes attitude, Angelina brings ideas to life, pushing the boundaries of the unconventional. She revels in the tactile nature of her handiwork using surgical precision on every last detail. Passionate about making hearts go pitter patter over breathtaking design, first on her list is finding innovative ways to present new value to brands and experiences. Eager to exceed expectations Angelina supports a collaborative environment that incubates the freshest ideas north of the 49th parallel. Often referred to as the glue that holds the operation together, she has garnered a reputation to lead creative execution of multiple projects simultaneously from concept through completion without bloodshed.

Angelina’s design aesthetic merges contrast amongst materials, colours and patterns and is strongly influenced by a diverse kaleidoscope of exposures from history to modern day concepts. Intuition guides her clear view of the road ahead, always watching for emerging trends to motivate markets. She possesses a very trained eye for spatial perception and cohesive composition as well as a knack for stepping back to envision the whole picture while nitpicking all of the finer details to make it become a reality. Manual dexterity, patience, and stamina are essential to her work ethic and she refuses to compromise visual integrity. Pursuing design from the perspective of the artist, craftsperson and the storyteller she meticulously blends branding and art by taking risks far beyond cookie cutter to evoke emotions that connect you with your audience and guests.

Her mission is to integrate clients’ products with a fresh approach at visual branding and support from an infinite variety of decorative communication tools. Through extensive communication regarding brand positioning and marketing strategy, she’ll conceptualize and produce ideas from analysis of market trends and customer behaviour to produce a dynamic form of advertising. Services are designed to refine or produce custom content specific to your project requirements. She’ll create and install thought provoking visually appealing displays and produce engaging and inspiring events that make use of products, colour, lighting, space and props, which combined will artfully craft a truly one of a kind and unforgettable experience. Her ambidextrous brain has the ability to seamlessly coordinate planning collateral with front burner thinking to produce commercially complex events which some may argue are greater than glitter. Your time is incredibly valuable so let’s masterfully collaborate to focus on your unique vision and hand the helm over to Angelina to navigate the planning process including all of those “not so fun” details. Her entrepreneurial vigour and exceptional hands-on design skills grant her the innate ability to pull together a multitude of varied details into one spic’n’span final result.

During her down time between work and gallivanting around the world, she enjoys domestic adventures exploring the great outdoors in her own backyard with her best little fur pal Kingston, a very regal Chinese Crested. On the weekends, she can be found scouring flea markets, thrift shops, dumpsters and alleyways for inspirational propping ideas and collecting (ahem hoarding) pieces for future projects. Off the record she can be described as an optimistic sweet talker who’s ridiculously organized, bossy with control-freakish behaviour at times and has an embarrassing addiction to gaudy Ormolu collectibles. She tends to make people laugh by not taking things too seriously (most of the time) and making everyone around her feel really comfortable. This is quite important when the going gets tough! Leave it to Angelina to get ‘er done with stylish poise while you sit back and relax to spend your time on what really matters.

Behind her charm and weakness for sparkly things, she’s committed to getting down to the nitty-gritty, the nuts and bolts of what makes you tick. Let’s create some magic together and live a story that matters! Everyday adventures are waiting to be captured right around the corner!

Contact Angelina today to set up an initial consultation to discuss any and all of your needs from consultancy, creative design, comprehensive management, logistical troubleshooting to full service execution of every last detail.